Flashes of Sanity #94: Office Realizations

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This week’s entry: Office Realizations


Donald Diamond stared at the photograph put on the table.
He went home after all…
“Do you know anything about this?” The officer asked.
“No,” Donald answered. “I have no idea what this is about.”
“So you have no idea what Sam was doing in the Westwyrm woods?”
“No, not at all.” The lie settled as an ugly lump in his throat. He spread the photographs and got a better view of his once-a-friend and once-a-business-partner. The woods had taken their revenge in the most grotesque of ways. Roots and worms wandered in and out of his face in every possible opening.
He always feared the label of a traitor, Donald thought. The woods were never kind to traitors, he had said. Neither was the people Sam came from. Judging from the images, Sam didn’t lie.
“You know…” The officer continued. “It looks suspicious that Sam is found dead just weeks after he got voted of the board, on your initiative.”
“I know. But our disagreements were not enough for me to kill him. He was my friend, and I still considered him as a friend even though our last meeting was a heated one.”
“Would Sam considered you a friend after that meeting?”
Donald sighed. “Probably not.”
“Do you know who could have wanted him dead?”
To many, Donald thought. “No,” he said.
The officer nodded and closed his notepad, clearly not satisfied with the outcome from their meeting.
“Call me if anything comes to mind.”
“I will,” Donald pressed a button and the door behind them opened. “ Security will show you out.”
As the officer left, Donald sighed again.
Sam why did you go home, you idiot.

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500 words – Entry 18: Realizations

Here we go again! A new week. Less than 500 words. One story.

This week’s story is called realizations. We all have to realize what is important before it is too late.


Lets just face it… I am not invulnerable. I am not even hard to bruise.

The old man looked out over the silent crowd. He sighed.

Fuck it. I am not strong either. Even the the smallest of setbacks can put me out of balance. I think about all I have done wrong. All the time. I just never told anyone about it. I wish I had though.

He walked down The stars and walked up to his wife on the first row. He put his hand on her aged hand. She shivered, and as he sat down in front of her she cried.

I was never a good husband. He looked over his wife’s shoulder and met his daughter’s hesitant stare. I was never a good father either. If I only had dared to open myself, if I had dared to say what was tormenting my inner self, I believe I could have been happier. I believe I could have made your life better. Don’t you think so too?

The silence spoke a thousand heavy words. Every one a truth the man had been unwilling to realize. He sighed again, then he caressed his wife’s cheek.

I am sorry. I wish I could have been better. I wish I had this realization ages ago. Before it was to late.

He wiped his hand against his black trousers and corrected his suit.

This goes out to all of you, he said with a weak yet thundering voice. Don’t repeat my mistake. He walked back up the stairs. Become a better man today. You never know when it is too late.

He laid down in the chest. The priest who just watched him crawl up from it still frozen to the wood.

Become someone you would want to remember, The man whispered and closed his eyes one final time.