500 Words – Entry 35: Nachos and murder

A trip into the monologue of a mad man. And he likes nachos

Nachos and murder

Asphalt bleeds in the summer heat, did you know that? You did? I did not. You know what it doesn’t matter. Not when nachos are this cheap.


This is the best dip. Lets embrace the moment shall we… Yeah Yeah cry… It is not like you make any difference.

I need more nachos. Hey what do I have to do to get some more nachos around here!

Hah I am sorry. I forgot. I can make some myself. How hard can it be really.





Want to have a bite?

Hah two times within a couple of minutes. Silly me. I will mix it for you. Do you want a straw?

There, there, everything will be okay. They screamed of happiness. Does that make it better? No. How bad. Lets try again. I want you to smiiiiiile. You hear me?

That wasn’t so hard was it? We just have to wipe your cheeks a little.

Hmm that made it worse. Maybe if we use some water?

OH sorry! Wrong bucket!

No no stop screaming. JUST STOP SCREAMING!


Well Well.

Heeeey. You look like fun company. Your friend over there was kind of a mood killer. You look like you laugh alot.

You hear that!? Sirens. They will celebrate US. This is the time!

Lets get married! Too fast? It is just something with your eyes and those dimples. Oh I would love those… Shit. The knife slipped.

No don’t cry. Not you too.

No you know what? Papa is tired of your shit. Lets divorce. Colt says he would looove to help.

That was easy wasn’t it?

And now to the men in blue.

Welcome to my party!

500 Words – Entry 27: Inside the well

The wednesday before christmas eve (which is when we swedes celebrate christmas!). As we do every wednesday we are finna treat ourself with a short story. This week we meet a man in a well.


He looks up into the light from above. A tiny circle of fresh air seemingly more distant every day. How deep down am I? he thinks. How much deeper is it possible to go? His suit is heavy in the dark water. He can’t remember last time they were dry. I don’t want to swim anymore, he thinks. I just want to rest. Please let me rest. Just a little bit more, the water whispers back. You will get it all and more back when you are done. Everyone will be so happy you made this sacrifice so they can live happily ever after. Not everyone, he thinks and remembers the little boy now grown up. A little boy who somehow turned into a father. The water pulls at his tie, and his face drops closer to the surface. The light from above fades. Beyond it a keyboard clicks with each pressed key. The fingers hammer frantically Maybe if I hurry, a voice echoes from the fading light. Maybe, if I just put in the extra effort. Then, maybe, I will make it in before his bedtime. Yesssss, the water pulls harder at the tie, maybe you will make it. But I want to see his first bite of cake, the man mumbles and pulls himself up. My grandson wants me there. He does not know what he wants, The whisper grows loud. He does not yet value the safety you give him. When he grows older he will thank you. He won’t know who I am, his voice turns weak as the tie get tighter. It is for the better. Sooner or later you will let him down . It is what you do. Above the well a photo of a happy family is hidden in a drawer. The pull on the tie get heavier. He falls down on his knees. The faintest light fights to remain in the darkened well. Stay here, the water whispers and grabs his neck, stay where you belong. The man cries. I just want to be there on his first birthday, he sobs just as the water swallows his face.

500 Words – Entry 26: Peppers and Dragons

So we are finally here! Entry 26. My goal for this whole challenge. Well now I have the Flow going so Lets make this segment on going. Every week I will give you one short story of 500 words or less. Perfekt to read while you drink you coffee or on your commute (that is at least mostly where I write them).

But to what you came for! Entry 26: Peppers and Dragons! This is a wild ride.


Where we are? Who I am? I am George and I got the wildest story for you. Just sit down and listen. Grab a stick. Those bastard bites.

So this hell began with a small pot. I kid you not. Okay, okay it was not any pot, it was a pot shaped like a dragon. Yes, my great great aunts dragon shaped pot. A very weird lady.

Anyway… I dropped it. And like smoke came out. Like alot of smoke. And then peppers began growing. Like every where. They where pink too. It looked like a unicorn had puked all over the place.

You know what? They tasted like horse fart too. Exactly! Weird!

Alright, but after I ate a pepper the really weird happened. Yes I ate one. I like spicy food. But everything turned to ice. Except me, off course. And the pictures of my great great grandma. She began burning though. And talking some elvish shit. Yeah a photo of a burning woman talking jibberish.

Scary shit.

I ran out of there as fast I could. The next thing I knew I was flying with these lethery wings, you know. Then things get a little whozie. But I remember eating someone or alot of someones. I laid some eggs.

Finally I woke up here and everything around me was just ashes and snow. And the eggs. Well now they are tiny lizards, but  before you woke up they were eggs. Ouch what did I say about biting people Harold…

I am sorry for your arm by the way. Harold has issues. Leo got some fire stuff going on too. Well, when I think of it Melanie is bit bitey too.

Who are you by the way? Sam? Nice to meet you. You want a pink pepper? My little hatchlings like you better with some fire in you.

500 Words – Entry 25: Dinner

This is it! We have reached 25 entries in my little challenge. My goal was at least 26 entries. So one more, and then to infinity and beyond. Entry 25 is about a family dinner. Nothing weird at all.


There is a family in deepest of caves. A mother, a father, one big brother, one middle sister a little brother. They sit around a round table carved from stones of their home. Their skin is red as if the heat from below burned within them. The horns on their heads only matched by the stinger on their tail.
The father yawns from a hard day at work. The mother still has her meetings circulating inside her head. The children fight over all things children fight over.
“Raymond is taking seconds.” The middles sister teases. “He will have to do the dishes.”
“Mooooom.” The little brother whines. “Carol is mean to me.”
The mother looks at her two children with eyes red and white as the hottest fire. She smiles. “Carol be kind to your little brother. And Raymond, you know the rules.”
“The last one to take seconds gets to do the dishes.” The little brother mumbles, he looks down with regret at the plate now refilled with stew. “But I was hungry… Why am I punished?”
“You are not punished Raymond. That’s how we divide the chores in our family.” The mother patted her son between the budding horns.
“I don’t like how we divide chores.” The child mumbled with his mouth full.
The mother pretends to not hear the complaint and turns to her husband. “How was work?” She asks. I hope Helga didn’t take it wrong when I dismissed her lunch request, she thought.
“The pits where awfully crowded today.” Her husband says. “My arm will be sore for the rest of the week. But with the competition from all these cheap imps you must show the boss why they should keep you. Am I right?”
“You are probably right about that.” The mother returns to her plate. There are no problems with the imps, she thought, but you keep ignoring project Automation. You won’t have a job soon, just because you are too lazy to advance.
“How was your day?” The father asks, he reaches for the stew. Three kids observe him with suspense.
“It was okay.” The mother answers. “Some boring meetings. Otherwise nothing much.” One of the meetings just happened to be my future. Her thoughts wander as heavy folders opens themselves before her eyes. All with news her husband didn’t want to hear. “Just boring old meetings.”
“Now it’s dad’s turn to do the dishes!” The little brother screams. “Dad how could you forget?”
“Oh gosh!” The father says. “How stupid I am!” He slaps himself on the forehead between his horns, but underneath his arm a smile plays on his lips. “So stupid. How could you endure to live with someone as stupid as me?”
“I have no idea.” The mother says as she arises from the kitchen table. “No idea at all.”
The children laughed at the father who continued to slap himself on the forehead.
This is a normal day for a family in deepest of caves.

500 Words – Entry 24: – Back to the Valley

500 Words – Entry 24!
The story: Back to the Valley!


Cole never wanted to return home. Not ever. There was too much history hidden under the dirt. Too many bad memories.

But yet here we are, he thought to himself and looked out over the valley. The trees grew thick and strong for as long as he could see. Below all the leaves and branches countless cabins hid from a world moving too fast. It was a place where times never changed.

He walked slowly on stumbling feet over a seemingly endless source of roots. With each tree he passed, he felt new eyes lock on him.

So, the lost boy decides to come home, a rough voice broke through the wilderness. In an instant hundreds of faces turned visible against the green. Among them one with wrinkles carved from one storm too many.

You know why I am here father, Cole shouted into the faces.

All too well son, the wrinkled man said as he approached Cole. You are here to show your new toys, and to take what the outside does not deserve. He touched Cole’s dark suit. How can you even wear this filth Kale?

It is called a suit father, Cole corrected the expensive fabric. Everyone wears it.

His father sighed. Everyone but not elves. Your desire for the outer world always baffled me, Kale. What can they give you that we cannot?

It is Cole, father. You know that. Anger boiled inside Cole just as the last time his feet stepped on these roots. And you also know what they can give me.

Yes, you told me. Cole’s father looked back at the army in the trees. You told all of us.

Cole took a deep breath and remained still as countless eyes scanned him.

We see the fire on your chest son. Not even the thickest of human coats can hide such horrors from us. The old man caressed the hard surface on Cole’s chest. I hoped for you to come to your senses.

Cole reached into his pocket and grabbed a small remote. Just touching it gave him courage.

Cole’s father gave him sad look. You are after all my son. In these woods lives your brothers and sisters. I hoped for you to spare us.

Cole laughed. You are so pathetic father. Do you really believe I would want to spare your kind?

Our kind Kale, the old man reached for his son’s shoulder.

Cole grabbed the gentle hand. He twisted it and threw the old man to the ground. The old man screamed. In the trees the faces jumped down. They all attacked the man who once was their brother.

A disgrace is what you are, Cole whispered into his father’s ear, he turned to the army and screamed. Do you hear me? You are all a disgrace.

The army flooded his body. Some dragged the elder to safety.

Then under all the screams and all the panic there was click, and the valley turned to fire.

500 Words – Entry 23: Tick Tock

Surprise! I had a little december-feeling. So we are getting an extra entry.
Entry 23: Tick Tock

Tick tock.
The arms wander its loud predetermined route. A man cries on a chair. He has done so since he woke up.
“Lets do this one more time, Nick.” A man beside him murmurs. In his hands a wet cloth hangs. “Tell me where the stones are.”
Drip drop.
“I don’t know.” Nick says. “Please, I don’t know.”
The man sighs. “Why are you lying to me Nick?”
“I am not ly…” Nick’s word disappears as a hand suddenly cuts of his air flow.
“This game was fun at the start Nick, but this ends NOW!”
A sharp pain strikes Nick’s leg. Nick screams just to have his head pulled back by the hair.
“Sssssh. There is no point in screaming. No one hears you. Not anymore…”
“No.” The burst of panic sidelined the pain in his leg. “You didn’t…”
“Yeah you are right.” The man pulls the knife out of Nick’s leg. This time Nick holds his screams back. ”Sam on the other hand was little less patient.”
The man snaps his fingers and the back door open. Nick fears what he now will have to see. The faces, the bodies. They were his friends. The grip on Nick’s hair harden he is forced to look in the door’s direction.
There were no faces. They were all burned away.
“I tried to stop him.” The man wanders across the room. He kicks one of the tiny hands further and it rolls away from the bodies. “But Sam got a little too excited. I guess that’s what happens when you hire murderers.” He sighs again.
Nick scans the bodies. Unrecognizable. Only a ring identifies one of them.
“She is my wife.” Nick’s eyes tear up.
“Was is more correct, I would say.” The man sits down by the chair again. “So please tell me where are the power-stones.”
With the burnt bodies still smoking in front of him, Nick looks at the smiling man. “You will kill everyone. Why would I give them to you.”
“Now you admit that you know where they are.” Another sigh and the man picks up the cloth. “Igor can you please turn on the water. And bring some needles. Order us some pizza too. This night we will get the answer! And music. How about some rock ballads. No, I know what you will love.”
Nick takes a deep breath. He looked up at the ceiling. He tries to not think of his family laying dead on the floor. From the old CD-player a man begins to sing. Nick new the song. It was a classic.
“You better watch out. You better not cry.”

500 Words – Entry 22: Bedtime

It is finally wednesday! 500 words one short story for you to read! This time I went for cosy and cute with the story bedtime. A little talk between father and son.


”No!” The boy hid his charcoal hair under his pillow. “They told me a bogeyman will come after me when I go to bed!”
“They did?” His father sighed from the bed side. “The bogeyman is only a fairytale. Nothing about him is real.”
“It sure is!” The tiny fists tightened around the pillow and the boy pressed it harder against the back of his head. “That is why I have nightmares. The bogeyman comes for me at night and eats my brain!”
A smile played on the father’s lips. “He eats your brain, huh? Like it was a bowl and he has a fancy spoon?”
The boy let go of the pillow and gave his father a sharp look. “No…” The boy said. “Off course not. He uses magic.”
“Did they tell you how he uses his magic?” The father laid down beside his son prepared for a long night.
“No… “ the child looked down into the pillow which still carried his face. “But I bet it some dark kind.”
“I would think so too.” The dad caressed his sons cheek. “But where there is darkness there is light. All you have to do is use the light inside you and the bogeyman can never get near you.“
“But how do I do that?” The little Child wept.
His dad picked a plush lion from the wall at the foot end. “It is easy!” He said. “You pick a warrior and you imagine a shining armor for it. You imagine the chest plate and the helm, and the shield it wields against all things dark. Then you imagine its sword, the mighty dragon slayer of old with a blade still sharp enough to cut through the thickest tree as if it was no more than a leaf.”
The child’s forehead wrinkled as he scanned the lion from foot to mane. Before his eyes the lion turned into the mighty Leonard slaughter of demons.
“It glows!” The child cheered in relief.
“It sure does. Now all you have to do is tuck it close to your heart and listen at its protective roar. No Nightmares or bogeymen dares to come close to such a fierce warrior.”
With a final soft kiss on his forehead the little boy crept down under the blanket and fell asleep with a smile.
“Good night.” His father sighed. “Sleep tight.”
The father took the lion from his son’s loving hug. “And you Leonard the mighty… “ He smiled. “I bet you taste delicious.” He unhinged his jaw and swallowed the plush whole. He giggled. He whistled.
“Little child sleep so tight.” He sang. “Let your light become mine. Let me have all your dreams. Let your hope be my delight.”
He exits the house and wanders down The dark Street. He laughs.

500 Words – Entry 21: A flower

Wednesday. A short story of less than 500 words. Entry 21, five entries away from my goal. This feels huge. This story is called a flower, a little sad.


The meadow crunched under his feet.

You must be crazy! She had said it every year. Her laugh had flowed in a sparkling river every time.

You are the crazy one, he whispered, do you really think I would not take the moment to celebrate something so important.

It was a dance they had enjoyed every year, a dance he longed for as soon as it passed.

The tiniest flower held on to the warmth in its heart to stay alive in the harsh cold. It was the last survivor before winter clawed away all that was green and all that was happy.

You are strong, the man murmured. When all else gives up, you fight on. When all else fades away your shine rise above. You are beautiful. You are true. Just like her.

He dug up the tiny flower and followed the path back. He held the flower in his hands and pressed it close to his heart. The path ended in a long line of rocks. The engravings told of people known and unknown. He planted the little plant in front of one of the rocks, right beside a ceramic pidgeon.

You are the crazy one, he teared up. We are stronger than this. We are the flowers clinging on in the cold. Nothing can break us. Not even this.

He put his hand on the rock. He kissed its edge.

I will see you soon. Our waiting will soon be over. Happy anniversery.

500 Words – Entry 9: Neurons

Time for one more story 500 words or less.
Entry 9: Neurons. This story is about a battle between the brain and the thoughts bombarding it every day.

Remember folks, always take care of yourself. Don’t let some bad turns decide your whole life. Take control over who you are and what you want to be.

Now to the story.


Tired. I am so, so tired.
No, no, no
A wave.
Please don’t

Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s all my fault.

Too much.
Let me rest.

I am useless after all.

Don’t cry.
We are good. We have always been good
Lay down.

The phone.

Rest in the silence. Rest in the calm

Maybe it’s him.

Hope. Don’t let it destroy you

Maybe it’s someone

We don’t need to know.
Please just let it be.
Please save us.

No one wants me anyway. No one likes me.


I am worthless after all

Rest. Just rest.

No one will even notice if I disappear.

Don’t hate. Please don’t hate.

No one will miss me…

Believe in yourself.

No one would even care.