It is happening!

Okay, okay, not right away… But as of September 21st 2021, I will have a book (self-)published.

Demons in Cotton

My own horror project will reach the masses!

Just look at the cover! Isn’t it beautiful!

Cover Demons in Cotton

Mark the 21st of september in your calender and prepare yourself for some sleepless nights because this will be some nightmare fuel like you have never seen it before.

And you know what, keep this place on your radar because sample chapters and even more updates are coming very, very soon!


So it has come to this…

I am changing the name for my 500 Word flash fictions!

It occurred to me that the challenge of a story of 500 words or less every week is finished, and honestly it doesn’t pose the same challenge anymore. So I am changing the name to…



Kinda proud of that honestly.

In the same manner I will structure my blog posts under 4 banners:

Flashes of Sanity: A weekly short story of 500 words or less. These posts will keep the numbering from my previous 500 words banner.

I like shorts: A segment where I put the stories who are not part of Flashes of Sanity.

Thoughts of Insanity: Highly irregular posts where I talk about everything from what I listen to where I forget my socks and updates on my writing

Optional Opinions: I have been thinking about adding a review segment to my blog. Mostly books or comic books. This will just as Thoughts of Insanity be highly irregular.

Hopefully these changes will bring some freshness into the blog and some needed structure!

ToDD Ep. 4 – Project update

Great news everyone!

My first draft for Flaring Thunder (working title for a four-issue comic book project) is finally finished!

For the first time since beginning this project are all the pieces forced together. And well this story got some adrenaline pumping between the lines!

Next stop: Polishing the pieces so every detail actually fits. Also called the second draft!

ToDD Ep. 3 – my writing

Welcome to ToDD (thoughts of a diabolical demon) where I talk randomness and put up update on my projects.

To begin with… Great news everyone! My story ‘A Beautiful Day on a Swing’ advanced in to round 2 of the Fictional Fisticuffs November tournament! Want to read my story and support it with a vote head on to and check it out! You can vote every day!

My other projects are slowly moving forward. I queryied my swedish novel to two publishers a month ago and has so far only gotten one rejection! My english horror/dark fantasy novel is also in the querying phase, and the silence is a constant. But I keep the sprit up! And foremost I never give up! (thereby I never lose ;))

My current writing project (code name flaring thunder) is a comic project of four issue I have been scripting for some months now. I am on rough draft for issue four and have a draft four issue one. That project is steadily moving forward.

I am thinking about what my next writing project (after I have finished flaring thunder) will be. I have had an idea for a Crime novel series for a while. Might be that I finally take on that ugly toad. Or a short story a can submit to some magazines. We will see!

I hope every one has a splendid friday! Let me know if you enjoy this style of ToDD (or if you don’t).