Little Bunny and Papa Hare Go to the Island of Mooses

Got this little idea for a bedtime story while putting my kid to bed. It is inspired by Gulliver’s travels. Some cosiness and imagination for the children, and a pinch of satire to satisfy the adults.


Once upon a time there was a little, little bunny who did not want to sleep. Papa Hare and Mama Hare sat clueless to what more they could do. They had tried warm milk and soy milk, gently rocking and rollercosters, swimming and flying. They spent all nights by their little child’s side.
But nothing made their little bunny sleepy.
One night when the little bunny was jumping as fast as he could between the living room and the kitchen, Papa Hare found a note book and got an idea.
Look here, Papa Hare said. It is a book.
But Papa, The Little Bunny said, I don’t want to read a book. I want to run like the wind.
This is not a book, Papa Hare said, this is a boat to the islands of a million dreams.
A million islands?
Exactly! With this, Papa continued and flipped through the blank pages, we can tell our own stories. All you need to do is jump on board and see where it takes you.
Really? The little bunny asked with eyes wide as plates. Isn’t the boat too small?
No, not at all. Papa Hare opened the book. Don’t you see how big it is. We can easily fit the whole house on it, maybe even our neighbours’ houses will fit on it.
Oh, I see it now. The Little Bunny stepped on board the white pages with hesitant feet. How far is it to the islands of a million dreams?
Not far at all, Papa Hare pushed the boat out on the open sea. You see this boat is fast. Maybe even the fastest there is. We are already there.
The Little Bunny looked over the railing.
You are right, he said, I see islands everywhere. Oh look! An island made of carrots! Can we go there?
Maybe an other time, Papa Hare said and put his hand on the Little Bunny’s shoulder. Today we are visiting the island belonging to the mooses. Their island has more trees than you ever seen, and the trees are so big they touch the sky.
Really? The Little Bunny searched the horizon for trees reaching the sky. I see it now Papa. We have to turn right. Oh the trees are so big.
As you wish Little Bunny, Papa Hare said and grabbed the rudder. Hold on!
The Little Bunny held on to the railing with all his strength as the boat made a sharp turn towards the big trees.
Papa! I don’t think I can hold on for much longer.
Just a little more Little Bunny, Papa Hare said, We are there any second now. He threw the anchor into the sea.
The boat stopped abruptly and the Little Bunny could finally let go.
The brave Little Bunny and his Papa went ashore.
Look at the trees! The Little Bunny tugged at Papa Hare’s arm. They are big as houses.
They are truly magnificent aren’t they. Papa Hare pointed at a crowd further away on the shore. Look at all the mooses. What do you think they are doing?
The Little Bunny squinted his eyes.
I don’t know, he said, I think they are listening to someone.
It certainly seems that way. I think they are listening to the hunter and the wolf on the stage. What do you say? Shall we go and see what they are talking about?
The Little Bunny nodded and grabbed his Papa’s hand. Do you think the mooses are kind?
I am sure of it. Papa Hare smiled at his child. I have never met an evil moose before.
I promise you, they heard the hunter say as they got closer to the stage, that the rifles will be free for all. And I will make hunting season an all year event. I PROMISE TO MAKE OUR OPEN FIELDS BIGGER!
All the mooses applauded, some even cheered. The hunter polished his shining rifle proudly as he awaited the wolf’s response.
Impressive… The wolf combed his beautiful tail with fur shimmering in the sunlight. But not imressive enough I am afraid. I promise that me and my wolf brothers will ensure the safety of our island. I promise to have every single claw sharpened. I PROMISE TO PLANT MORE TREES TO OUR BEAUTIFUL FOREST!
The mooses applauded again. They all seamed satisfied with the two on the stage.
What are they doing? The Little Bunny asked a moose with horns so big and so sharp they signaled authority to all who crossed his path.
This is a debate, the moose answered. We are deciding who will run these woods for the next moons. It is clearly the hunter who will win. Those open fields will let us see the sun, and with open fields we can also see the wolves ambushing us from far away.
You must be completely out of your mind! Another moose with a beard so long it signaled wisdom to all who saw his elegant being. The wolf will win! With all those trees we can hide from the hunters and who want to shot us down from far away.
Why can’t a moose be elected? The little bunny asked. Shouldn’t you yourself be the best at deciding what the mooses need.
The two mooses looked at the Little Bunny and Papa Hare in confusion.
Are you suggesting that a moose can run this island of ours? The moose with magnificent horns laughed. No moose has ever been a leader on this island. We are not meant for such a duty. Only hunters with rifles and wolves with claws are ready for the decisions a leadership would mean.
I actually think my Little Bunny has a point, Papa Hare said. You both signal wisdom and authority. Anyone who sees you listen. Even hunters and wolves.
You are talking jibberish, the long bearded mose said. It is rifles and claws that make decisions, not horns and beards. And if you excuse me we have to vote.
The Little Bunny and Papa Hare left the crowd confused with what they heard.
Papa, the Little Bunny said, I think the mooses are the ones talking jibberish.
You are so right my Little Bunny, Papa Hare said. We better leave them to the life they chose for themselves. Do you want to visit another island?
YES! the Little Bunny exclaimed.
Great lets go back to the ship then and set sail for the island of mice.
Behind them the wolf counted his blue votes.
5467, he said proudly. I would like to see you beat that.
You will see something, the hunter said, all in favor of me your admirable hunter as your leader, show your red notes.
They were still counting when the Little Bunny and Papa Hare left the shore.

© D. B Johansson 2020

500 Words – Entry 16: A new beginning

Wait is it wednesday already? Alright then! Lets get us through the middle of the week with a short story. This one and entry 17 will follow kind of theme. I don’t it will be to hard to spot what the theme is.


It has been hours, she thought, can’t we just go home and forget all about it. We set the everything on paus and continue again tomorrow.
“You’re close now Carol” The metallic voice between her legs said.
Her husband took her hand. “You can do this.” He said. “You are strong.”
No, she wanted to scream in his face. You don’t know how strong I am. But the words did not find their way out of her mouth.
“Your next contraction starts in seven…” The sterile voice instructed. “I want you to push along with it. Push in 5, 4, 3, 2”
“Stop counting!” Carol screamed with all her lungs as her body pushed the last of her will through her pelvis. For what felt like an eternity her mind lost track of reality. Everything was pain.
Her consciousness resurfaced at the sensation of the pressure letting go. And a baby screamed somewhere in the distant.
“Congratulation!” Robotic arms lifted a tiny body up in the air. “It’s a boy.” The little boy flied through the air on two robotic arms with a blanket over the body.
A boy, she thought through the fog, I have a baby boy.
The boy landed on her chest. She looked at the tiniest face she ever seen.
He is mine, she thought.
“The birth was successful.” Sterile needles penetrated fragile skin.
No, she thought, but she was so tire even breathing was challenging.
“All levels are within limits. The child needs no further examination.”
Carol leaned back in her bed. For the first time in she didn’t know how many hours, she felt calm.
I have a baby, she thought again, he is mine.
“Feel free to rate your experience when you have rested. We want to create the best experience possible for our soon to be parents. We are SurgeRay. A better life. A longer Life. All possible with SurgeRay.”

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500 Words – Entry 15: Witches

Well it is time for entry 15 in my tell a story in less than 500 words challenge. Just so you know ‘state-of-the-art’ is one word at least according to Microsoft Office.

While writing this story I couldn’t shake this nagging feeling. This feels familiar. My brain hammered me with the mantra throughout the process of writing this story. But I ignored it and continued writing. It’s just a story anyway. It having some familiar elements with one of my other stories won’t be such a big thing. Or was it two stories. Or…….

Anyway. Below you can read ‘Witches’


”These are our top tier products, sir.” The well-dressed man knocks on the glass wall. “There is no better on the market, and it won’t ever be.”

Two men scanned the tank from the floor up, and then down again. The naked woman inside remained asleep.

“How do we know it’s safe.” One of them asks. He tilts his glasses as he leaned closer. His luxurious watch rattles.

“Our state-of-the-art quality control ensures no damaged goods ever leaves our production, sir.”

The man steps back seemingly satisfied with the answer. “I would like to take a look at this quality control.” He says drily.

“Off course!” The salesman smiles one of his most radiant smiles. “Right this way. As you understand our quality control needs to be of the highest possible standard, we are working with humans after all, and psychopharmaceuticals.”

“How do you select these specimens?” The second man asks. His short blond hair glimmers in the lamp light.

“We pick them with care.” The salesman pushes a series of buttons by a door. “We are in contact with a series of orphanages specialized in loyalty and extraordinary physiology.”

The door opens and the laboratory and all the hospital beds lining inside are on display for the three men.

“As you see we have competent personnel monitoring the products throughout their stay with us.” They walk past a series of screens. “We monitor biomarkers in their blood stream known to cause instability and brainwaves are scanned to catch any irregularity.”

A woman bursts out from her bed in the middle of the room. “I am gonna kill my Love!” She screams. The doctor next to her loses his throat to her hungry teeth. “The darkness is mine…” She looks around hungrily and locks on the blond man looking at her. “You are not standing in my way for a life in nightmares.” She laughs and chargs out of her bed.

“I am sorry you have to see this…” The salesman says and puts himself in between the customers and the faulty product. He picks a gun out of his coat and shots.

“You can’t escape meeee” her scream interrupts in blood as the bullet blows her head clean off.

“Soooo,” the salesman turns around with a smile. “How about we continue the tour? If you choose us to deliver your soldiers, they won’t suffer from the anomalies this one did. I can assure you that much. All abnormalities are stopped in this lab.”

The two men starred at the blood bath now being cleaned of the floor by two assistants.

“Our worst subject thus far was the one who called himself Cupid. He locked down the whole lab for a week and made a bow of our personnel. That was a bloodbath. The guards took him down after some serious casualties. Why can’t you find love, he screamed. Doesn’t that sound funny to you.”

The two men look at each other. They nod. Both smile.

“We’ll take hundred.”

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500 Words – Entry 14: A New Friend.

A new wednesday, and a new short in my 500 words story challenge. This time someone is meeting a new friend. And he is just so happy for it.


There they are again. I found you!
I am happy to see you too. Look what I found! Isn’t it wonderful? A new thing. What did you call it? A squid. I love squids. The long arms scratch so good against the itching in my mouth. Can we get another one? Oh you know what? Dad! Look what I learned? Butt in the air. And stretch. Aaand. Tada. I can touch you now!
Got your nose!
And this thing! It tastes so sweet. And it SHINES!
Just look at it!
What did you say?
A new friend? Where?
Please dad. Show him to me. Where is he?
He is just perfect. A long tail. I’m going to catch it. Wait. Okay. Butt in the air. Stretch. Butt in air. Stretch. I got you know. Wait where are you? Are you biting my toes?
Now I got you.
Wow, you jump so high. Dad. I love this friend. Can you catch him for me?
He is so soft.
What did you call him?
A kitten. How wonderful!
Can he follow me on the stroller?
Can we bring the sweet thing too? Can we make it shine again.
This is the best day ever.

500 Words – Entry 13: Shepherd

497 words this time. I know, I know I’m living on the edge. A man this dangerous should not be let to have a blog. Yet here I am typing. And you know what, I will never stop!

In this weeks entry we get to meet a shepherd. What is she shepherding? Why is she shepherding it? Well, read and find out. And maybe speculate a little bit.


“It is a dirty job, but someone got to do it. And who’s more capable for a dirty job than me.”
The girl tilted her hat and looked over the fence to the vastness that had become her home. No one answered her. No one had since… forever.
Loneliness was the sole constant in her life. Today a static angst flooded the air was her company though.
At the edge of the vast field she saw a dark shadow wandering the path it had been wandering the last two days.
She spat on the ground, right beside her leather boots and jumped down from the fence.
Someday it will come closer, she thought. And then I have to be ready. Again. I am the shepherd of this one-monster flock and I’ll be damned if they ever get past my fence.
“You hear that!” She screamed. “You will never get past me! Never ever!”
The shadow raised its head. It looked in her direction. The fire burning inside the hollows reflected the darkness only a desperate soul could harbor. This darkness could kill. It would if given the opportunity.
Her hands touched the guns on her belt, just to be sure. They were there. Just as they always were. Their bullets would not kill the darkness though. No matter how many bullets fired, all they did was hurt. But even hurt scares away the fiercest monster if it is fired in plenty.
The shadow in the horizon had taken its fair share of bullets. It wanted out into the free world. It wanted the blood on the other side of a consciousness.
The two, the girl and the monster, stared each other down. One with fire burning in it eyes one with bullets ready at her hips. The monster turned. It shrieked.
And all the skies turned dark. Only the fire in its eyes shed light on the harsh world.
Its laugh echoed on the field. The fire got closer.
“You feel brave you silly fool!” The girl said. Yet she knew she was the fool for taunting the monster in the first place.
She always did. Somehow, she could never resist the temptation when the sensations in the air became too heavy.
Days like this she wanted the world to burn. She wanted the darkness to break free. She wanted it to taste blood.
Yet she was a shepherd put into this world to protect the outside from the insanity roaming the inside.
She had not lost yet. No matter how many times she taunted the darkness she always fought it back in the end.
With bullets of hurt.
The eyes burned by the fence. The shepherd and the monster stood eye to eye.
She put her finger on the triggers.
“Come get it.” She whispered.
The darkness laughed, a shrieking soul wrenching laugh.
Then it attacked.
The guns fired relentlessly into the darkness. They fired hurt in all its colors. They fired until only darkness remained.

500 Words – Entry 12: Hunters

Well, well an other wednesday which means another entry in my 500 Words story challenge. This time the story is called Hunters. Can you predict how this is going to end? No peaking.


They were three. Never more, never less. One down meant one to join. One to join meant one to die. A rough life for rough people.

“We will attack at sunset on the open field.” Master Craven said and scratched the scar on his chin. “They will never expect that.”

“Aye” Master Viper agreed. “From below the sand.”

“A challenge worthy of our might my fellow brothers. What do we need to accomplish such a task?” Asked Master Glen, always the one to ask what’s important.

“A straw each.” Master Craven picked up straws from his pocket. “Maybe more to not suffocate. And our weapons need to be easily hidden along with us.”

The others nodded.

“That won’t be a problem.” Master Viper said and took a sharp slim sword out of his belt. “These goblins won’t know what hit them.”

“We have to be careful though.” Master Craven added. “There will be many. And they will bring trolls.”

“Aye.” Master Glen sighed. ”Trolls. This is a dangerous mission we have in front of us.”

Master Craven put his hand on Glen’s shoulder. “That’s why we are payed in fortunes. Remember the words.”

All three men punched their chest. “We are hunters. We build the future.”

“Good.” Master Craven looked at the two men in front of him with radiant pride. “Lets go.”

The three men journeyed to the field and among the iron bars and the sand they hid until the morning light. The tension was thick, this was their biggest mission yet. This could also be their last.

The first goblin shrieked as it entered the battlefield. Unknowing of the dangers below, it picked up a shovel. It dug happily, as all goblins do. The guarding troll moaned. They always moaned.

“Not yet.” Master Craven whispered.

Another goblin entered the field with its troll. A troll entered the with two goblins. Soon the field crowded with monsters. All goblins shrieked. All trolls moaned.

A goblin stepped into the sand. It laughed, it found a car.

“Now!” Master Craven bursted up from the sand and cut the goblin in two. “Come on you filthy animals!”

“Eat this you slobby cretins.” Glen laughed. His rifle took down troll after troll after troll.

“Not so jolly now, are ya?” Viper chased a goblin up a ladder. The goblin cried. Viper laughed.

It was a successful mission. The three was a pride to their kind and their story would be told all over the world as cameras captured the mayhem on a playground quickly drowning in blood.

“We are hunters.” The three screamed. “We build the future.”

500 Words – Entry 11: Dear Mr. Diamond

A little story I have had brewing for a while. A letter from poverty to power.


Dear Mr. Diamond,
I know, I know, this is old fashioned.
I mean, I’m sending a letter to the tech giant Sean Diamond, CEO of the technical wonder SurgeRay.

A better life. A longer Life. All possible with SurgeRay.

The words are written everywhere.
You if someone should rely solely on mail and virtual channels for your communication. Everyone else do in your world, don’t they?
Anyway I send this desperate letter hoping it will contrast from your other channels flooded by the world’s praise.
And besides, we don’t have computers. Not anymore. They took them away when we asked the wrong questions.
About the same time as they burned our books.
All in the name of our safety.
I am the last generation who learned how to read. The developed world does not build schools here anymore. None of that money goes to us.
As one of the last men aware of the unfairness in our home, I beg you for one thing Mr. Diamond. I beg you for one thing that would begin the end of our suffering.
Find another source for your minerals. We don’t need you to dig it up for us. We don’t need your help to build a better life. We don’t need you funding our oppressors. We don’t need more guns, nor we need more slavery.
We need our sons and daughters back.
Last time I saw my son he pointed a gun at me. He knew nothing of who I was.
Last time I saw my daughter she walked the streets were your workers take a drink and find amusement. A mere child already carrying a child herself.
So I beg you again, find your minerals somewhere else.
Tell your friends to do the same.
Help us to a better life.
Help us to a longer life.
Be what SurgeRay promises.

Best Regards
A father and a teacher

Crash Bandicoot: Dimensions Adrift – Intro (fanfiction)

Hi all,
I am having some fun while waiting for Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s about time. I am really excited about this game as the Crash games has been a constant for me while growing up. So I decided to write an intro for a Crash Bandicoot story for fun. So far the story is limited to the intro and nothing else is written. I have not yet decided whether I will continue with it or not.


The writer of this fanfiction does not own the rights to any of the characters involved in this story. The rights to Crash Bandicoot and characters in the Crash Bandicoot franchise belongs to Activision Publishing Inc.

Crash Bandicoot: Dimensions Adrift
Titel: Another day at the beach
Writer: David Johansson

The sun. The water. A magical mask fixing all the chores.
The sleep. Aah, the beach. You only wake up to eat some wumpa fruits and then back to sleeping. This is the best life ever. Am I right bud?
Polar yawned beside Crash.
Crash yawned too.
You said it. Nap time.
“Crash.” A voice rasped through the megaphone on one of the palm trees by the beach.
Crash opened his eye and glanced at the megaphone he never seen before.
“Crash.” Coco said again.
Pretend to sleep and it will all soon go away. Crash snored louder just to be sure.
“CRASH!” The soft voice screamed with a surprising weight to it.
“huh.” Crash opened his eyes just to see a camera pointed at him from a robotic arm that somehow had been hidden in the sand below him all this time.
“Whoa!” Crash screamed and jumped up. What is that? How did it get there?
“Great you are awake.” Coco continued. “We need you at the Bandicoot house now. Something weird is happening.”
“Hrm?” Weird?
“Yeah, get over here immediately?” The camera disappeared into the sand.
Polar looked up at Crash with confusion painted on his face.
Yeah, I know bud. Crash shrugged. Better get going before that arm comes chasing us back home. Or worse, what if Coco comes for us herself.
“Voff.” Polar turned over and waged his tail.
Yeah, you are right. She will send the arm thing for us. Crash smashed a crate and picked up the wumpa inside. You want one for the road? Crash handed it to the polar bear.
I wonder when these crates will stop drifting ashore, Crash thought and opened another one. It must have been one big ship who dropped them. Well, as long as I can eat them instead of all other fruits in the trees, I’m happy.
Come on Polar lets go!

Coco sat on the grass with a computer on her lap when Crash came home. As she always does. Aku Aku levitated beside her.
“Crash!” Aku Aku proclaimed. “The world is in danger.”
“Hurn.” Crash scratched his head. Again. Shouldn’t Dr. Cortex and Uka Uka give up soon.
“Doctor Cortex has traveled through the multiverse and has set another one of my evil brother’s diabolical schemes into practice.”
“Wait.” Coco typed on keyboard so quickly it should catch fire. “I am reestablishing connection.”
“Huh?” Connection to what? Crash looked at Polar. Polar looked back. He did not understand it either.
“And done! We should be getting them back about…” Coco typed some more. “now.”
“Whoa!” Crash dodged a giant orb that appeared right beside him out of nowhere. Or well there was a giant machine on the ground beside him, but by living in the same house as Coco you get accustomed to certain things like machines everywhere. The color of the giant orb shifted.
“It is searching.” Coco said and typed some more.
“Coco.” A voice said somewhere in the colors shining out of the orb. “I think I am getting you back.”
“You are. Just a little tweaking and we are there.” Coco’s typing slowed down. “I am triangulating your position in the multiverse.”
The shifting colors in the orb went from blue to dark. And then in the darkness a white coat became visible. And wearing the white coat was…
“Crash! We see you again.” Coco said and raised a fist in celebration. “We have a stable connection.”
“Huh?” Crash and polar exchanged another confused look.
The Crash inside the orb corrected his glasses.
“I never thought I would say this…” Aku Aku said. “But look Crash, it is a smart you.”
“Hrm.” Crash scratched his chin and smiled. He is handsome too.
 “Finally!” The smart Crash smiled. He sounded polite and well mannered. “I will make this quick in case Cortex succeeds in cutting our connection again.” The smart Crash looked to the side where Crash studied him with interest. “Oh, hello there. You must be this worlds Crash. What a good looking fellow you are.”
“Huh!” Crash stretched his hand forward to answer the incoming high five. You too, he thought.
“Crash. Focus.” Said Coco immediately getting both to stop both Crashes the high five. “We need to know. What is so important you reached out through the multiverse to get in touch with us.”
“Oh right. That thing.” Smart Crash corrected his white coat. “We need your help! Your Doctor Cortex travels the multiverse and imprisons every world he can. He is evil beyond out wildest imagination. Cortex’s goons have destroyed my home and it is not long before they find me. I repeat we need your help to fight of Doctor Cortex’s threat. We must sto…” Smart Crash looks up. “Oh no. They found me. Please save us. We need you to stop this menace. Now!”
The roof fell in under a loud crash. The orb collapsed in an instant. A roar echoed through the jungle.
Crash shivered. Tiny. That never ends well.
“Crash! Crash!” Coco shouted while typing.
 “it’s no use child.” Aku Aku said. “They are gone now. Can you create a portal to Smart Crash’s home world.”
“I am already on it Aku.” Coco sighed. “I just have to redirect the hydron collider’s power outlet to…” She turned silent as her concentration swallowed her whole.  
“Crash. While Coco sets up a portal. I need you to get ready. We don’t know what dangers other dimensions hides. There could be a dimension full of Uka Uka’s. We must be prepared for every…”
“And done!” Coco presses enter and does a little dance by the keyboard. A portal immediately appears. Polar grabs a palm tree as the portal drags everything to it.
“Well that went faster than I thought it would.” Aku Aku said with his wooden brow raised. “I wonder how she does that.”
Yeah me too. Crash scratched his head. She is just too weird.
“Come on!” screamed Coco. “I don’t know how much longer it will hold.” She jumped in headfirst with the computer hugged tightly to her chest. Pura joins her a second later and does a backflip in the whirling stream.
“Well here we go…” Uka Uka glides into the globe. “See you on the other side Crash.”
Crash scratches his head. He looks at Polar.
“Hurm.” Polar whimps.
Yeah, I know bud, the beach sure looks tempting. Crash walks up to Polar. You know, I think they could make it alone.
You’re right Polar. They need us. On three? Polar nods.
Polar release the palm tree from his grip and they both glide into the swirling globe of the unknown.
Yeah, I hope we get to see the beach again too.



500 Words – Entry 10: Decades

It is already ten entries in my self made challenge, To be honest I was unsure if I would make it this far but here we are.

To celebrate I made a story weaving ten sentences and ten decades of life into one story. A challenge to celebrate a milestone in my 500 words challenge.


To a world you were born and in its flow you grew strong.
You journeyed through undiscovered mazes blossoming under your every step.
You learned the secrets and the endlessness in your comforting world shrunk.
All the endings and all the stories left untold left turned real behind every corner.
And mortality of life and the fragility of its shell burdened your thoughts.
Yet you found a new surge in the repeating nature of life’s endless cycle.
You found appreciation for the gifts given and the lessons taught.
The constant stream grew less gruesome and a legacy in the waters calmed the storm.
And even in loneliness your spirit remained strong.
You journey became your pride and your story carried on in generations to come.

© David Johansson 2020

Thoughts of a Delusional Dude (ToDD): Ep1 – Kicks and butts

I am starting something new here on my blog. Thoughts of a delusional dude (ToDD for short, the ‘a’ is silent). It is just me writing what I think in that moment about writing, personal productivity, parenthood, and all in between. ToDD won’t follow any specific schedule some weeks it will be out some it won’t.

For me imagination has always been a part of who I am. Given time alone, I just tend to wander into my own worlds and build stories. A part of my bedtime routine growing up was to imagine a world where I was a hero (I even brought weapons/sticks to those imagined heroic adventures, without my parents knowing off course). So that being said, somewhere I always knew that part of my future would involve storytelling. My brain just seemed wired for it.

This part of myself was for the longest time suppressed due to factors I believe most of us live through while growing up. We want to fit in. We want to do what is the “right” thing to do. Etc. So I finished school and applied to university. My skills in more practical niches are lets say limited (I like cooking though. Most people tend to tell me that cooking is best served as a hobby). I finished university and got a good job. The perfect story.

The thing is… When you are one of these individuals with brain bursting ideas at any sign of boredom you have two alternatives.

  1. What I tried in the beginning of my life. Suppress all the ideas and go crazy. You will fit in perfectly in society though.
  2. Let those ideas come to life.

The kick in the butt I needed was to see someone succeed before I realized what had to be done. One day my mother called me and said;

“You know that close relative of mine, you know her right? (We now all our relatives where I come from) Apparently she writes novels, and you know what? She is getting published.”

That short phone call awoke some cogs in a dormant part of my brain and a faint thought surfaced.

If she can, then maybe I can too.

That was the starting point to my so far 5+ years of writing and I have to tell you… It feels great to get those ideas on paper. It is actually kind of addictive. And now a life without writing feels wrong (not empty. I got kids, life is never empty with kids).

What was you kick in the butt?

Until next time, be safe and keep the distance.

Your delusional dude