The Frontline – Characters

The Frontline

Blast/Stephen Duncan

Full suit except for his hands. A star covers his chest

Stephen Duncan
African-american. 27 years old. Muscular, think soccer players like Ronaldo

Copy/Nick Farley

Full suit. No logo.

Nick Farley
Caucasian. 32 years old. Bald with beard.

Shard/Cedric Willow

It looks like he’s naked. His skin is often metallic. Somehow he Ken-dolled himself through his powers.

Cedric Willow
Caucasian. 20 years old. Brown hair. Skinny

Hail/Therse Sung

Hair falls freely. The suit gives a frosty feeling.

Therse Sung
Asian american. Muscular. 25 years old.

Tornado/Susanne Delgermo

Full suit. Goes in shifting colors as a storm.

Susanne Delgermo
South american. 20 years old. Well build.

General Mordare’s army

General MordareCaucasian. 55 years old. Grey hair and mustache. Always in uniform
Grunts:Wearing military inspired black stealth suits. Masks cover their faces
Tom Falcon:Caucasian. Sergeant. Muscular built. Mustasch. In his 40s.
Harry Winton:Caucasian. Sergeant. Blond. In his 40s. In his Zap form he is engulfed in lightning just as the original Zap was (see below)
Paul Deak:African-American. Sergeant. Shaved all over. In his 40s.

Alexander Shirah and connected characters

Alexander Shirah (wears an owl-mask during meetings)
Caucasian. Blonde. White irises. Fangs. Seems to be in his early 30s

The Saviors (The previous heroes)

Mayhem:Symbol: MCaucasian. Male. Stubbed hair. His suit
Dawn:Symbol: SunAfrican-American. Female. Full body suit
Zap:Symbol: BoltCaucasian. Male. The whole body is engulfed in lightning.
Float:Symbol: Box over lineCaucasian. Female
Heart:Symbol: HeartIrish. Male. Full body suit.
Sharp:Symbol: ҉Italian. Full body suit. Male. Mask only covers up to his nose.
Umbrella-man:Symbol: UmbrellaAsian. Male. Full body suit.
Amethyst:Symbol: RockCaucasian. Female. Full body suit.
Ash:Symbol: FlameNative American. Female. Full body suit.
Burst:Symbol: SoundwavesCaucasian. Female. Full body suit.