The Frontline

The Frontline is a fan creation and learning experience. It is created in honor of the comic superhero teams I grew up with from comics and movies (mostly Marvel or DC) and from my love for the medium taht comics is.

The world is much like the world we live in, the only difference is that once upon a time (about two decades ago) there was superheroes, but they all suddenly went away and no one has replaced their presence. Until now. The Frontline now walks the streets, and they want to make the world a better place.

Under the surface evil dwells in different forms. Some has hid among earth’s citizens forever. Some has walked the earth for years. Some are waiting for earth to grow ready, just like it did two decades ago.

Are you interested in my ideas or my writing? Feel free to read through the issues. Do you have a project you think I would be interested in? Feel free to contact me.

Issue 1
A new world of heroes

A new team walks the streets untouched by superpowers for two decades.
Blast, Copy, Shard, Tornado and Hail. Togehter they call themselves The Frontline. Together they protect the people walking the streets from harm.
But are they ready for the evil about to be unleashed on the world?
Are they ready to put their differences aside?

Issue 2
Mayhem in the Streets
Part 1

A brand new day arises. It is wonderful day.
It is a perfect day to patrol the city.
Maybe something comes up that explains the weird incident from Issue 1. Maybe something comes up faster than The Frontline expect.
Are they really ready for what General Mordare and his army is planning.

Issue 3
Mayhem in the Streets
Part 2

How will The Frontline make it af the dire incidents of Issue 2? Will they even come out of it alive?
If it was up to General Mordare, the answer is no, they won’t make it out alive.

Issue 4
A cave below

After the devastating events in #3, will The Frontline survive?